Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space: Words

If these walls could talk...

I'm a lover of words; sayings, quotes and verses.  Words that make you think, inspire and remind you.  There have been so many times I refer back to a quote, phrase or Bible verse can say just what I'm thinking and serves as a reminder to me. 

My house is filled with words.  In fact, there's only a handful of things in my house/hanging on my walls that don't include words.  Here's a look around...

The living room...the oar on the wall was found during Hurricane Ike clean-up in Galveston in 2008.  The signs on this wall are portions of verses, lyrics and other quotes. 

Yesterday is history - Tomorrow is your future - Today is your life - Live it

The bath...
-- humor-no clothes allowed in the shower
-- a verse over my mirror to remember to think on the things that are noble, right, pure and lovely
-- and God loves you when you dance!

The kitchen walls ...
The sign I see most often in my house is
"Because when you stop & look around this life is pretty amazing."
It is.  And, I often need to be reminded of that despite the difficult times, it is still amazing. 
Another favorite in the kitchen is a John Wayne quote:
"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway"
This reminds me of my Dad, and learning as a young girl when I got thrown, literally,
off my horse and had to get back up and ride even when I was scared. 

Perhaps my favorite wall in my house - the dining room. 
Most of these are Primitives by Kathy signs, but the middle one is a handmade sign from a friend. 

Click to enlarge any of the pictures and read the signs...words should inspire you and challenge you.  They do daily in my house!   Several of these signs are gifts and/or picked out from my travels, so beyond the saying they have additional meaning to me. 

And, finally, the last one I see before I go to sleep and the first one when I wake up... 

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