Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: Believe

As I've been going and coming these last couple of weeks, I've heard over and over "I can't believe it's the end of the year already".  I can't either.  

But, I do BELIEVE. Last year my word was "FLOURISH" {read about it here} and as 2015 started I was thinking of a word that would stick with me this year.  It seemed every where I looked "BELIEVE" kept coming up, in everything from decorative items, in magazines and in scripture. Repeatedly: BELIEVE. And, I knew it was mine for 2015. 

Throughout this year, there were so many things I couldn't BELIEVE, both great things and not so great things. I wrote for 31 days this October on WAIT, {click here to post with daily links}, which was really the lesson of not waiting, but learning to BELIEVE in so many areas of my life.  Even when things are unseen to still BELIEVE.  Faith in the wait, the unknown. 
It seemed like this came to be my verse for the year.  Luke 1:45 "Blessed is she who BELIEVED that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her". I was reminded of it often in my Instagram feed and even on my phone lock screen as this verse came up over and over.
I even found the word BELIEVE in a couple of my favorite stores...Target $1 bins felt banner and TJ Maxx sign for my wall.
If you would have asked me at the beginning of 2015 what I would be doing at the end of 2015 it would look exactly like 2014, teaching and living in the burbs, content. But, when I packed up my room in June, I had a stirring in me that I didn't think I was going to be back there. However, I didn't know what else I would be doing, I just continued to BELIEVE God, that if change was meant to be, I was ok and on board.

I would have never put together what has orchestrated this year, the biggest change a new job, one that I can't BELIEVE how it uses all my years of experience together and is a perfect fit for me. Though when I sit back and look at how the pieces came together I absolutely can BELIEVE it, through all of the hard years and the struggles, those years give significant contribution to where I am. And, what will be big change in 2016, moving back into the City in January.

Hard....I can't BELIEVE I have a best who's husband was diagnosed with ALS, still unBELIEVEable to me, though so proud of them and how they still BELIEVE despite the hardest battle of their lives to date. {Click here for their story}

Great...Watching my nephew profess his BELIEVing in Jesus through Baptism. Which also will always remind me of another bestie who's husband at 40+ years old publicly professed his faith in Jesus before the church and was baptized, a life changing event for their family.
Fun...Getting to chat with a favorite author who encouraged me to BELIEVE and spoke truth over me. Can't BELIEVE my parents saw American Pharoah work out this close the week before he won the Triple Crown! Never would have BELIEVEd my job would have me spend a day at a high rise construction site.
I have continued to do lettered art {click here for info} throughout the year and hard to BELIEVE after working on the road for a year 2012-2013, I actually had my own booth at a show this year!
2015 brought birthday #39 and BELIEVE  it or not, #40 is this next year...I have learned to BELIEVE in my gifts, and run in my lane, doing what I am called to do. {click here to read more on my lane}
I was recently at lunch by myself reading a Propel magazine while I ate and came across this question and answer from an interview. As 2015 comes to an end, it can be hard to let go of the "I can't BELIEVE _____________" that happened this year. However, I agree with this and BELIEVE it to be good advice; commit to overcoming and not to develop a wounded spirit, leave those things behind and BELIEVE better days are ahead, that hard circumstances will come together on the other side and you'll hardly BELIEVE how those days can be used for good. 

Despite all the ups and downs, most of all, I BELIEVE in Jesus. 

That he loves me. That he loves you. The days can be hard to BELIEVE, and I can't BELIEVE how great they are some times, but the one thing remains. Jesus. He BELIEVEs in me, calls me to Him and asks me to BELIEVE in him, for what he promised will be fulfilled. I have seen it this year and I will continue to BELIEVE.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2015

What I'm Wearing ~ Target edition

Hello 200th Post!!  It is no secret I do love Target, and here's a few things I've been wearing lately, mostly all from Target!

I love the look of the long sweater cardigan/coat, but have struggled to find one I really liked on.  This one I found by happenstance, the only one on a Target clearance rack, and it was my size for $13 or so, which was worth the risk.  I've worn it several times and this was one day for work.  Of course, it's really my favorite with jeans, but no jeans to work, so black pants it is.  Hard to tell in the pics, but the cardigan is cream with flecks of gray/tan in it, not entirely solid.  Mixing silver and gold is also a favorite, so with a gray (also Target) T and gold accessories, it was a simple work day outfit and comfy too.  I looked at the tag of those black pants that day, they are long time favorites from Banana Republic, like '05/Fall long time....
This dress is another fall Target find, on the clearance rack and was an online return because I've never seen this brand in store, but there are still a few pieces online (click here: JACHS Manufacturing). The sleeveless fringe cardigan is from one of my favorite traveling boutiques, Accessorize in Style. If you're in the DFW area, catch them at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and then they will also be at Rodeo Houston. Black suede tall boots are from Nordstrom 2014 Anniversary Sale. Pearls are fancy $7 Walmart find. :)
When sweaters were first on 40% off sale at Target, I picked this one up. I love the look of oversize sweater and flare jeans, (not as shown here). This day I was going to be outside all day at a high rise construction site for work, and was glad I had this sweater on because though it was sunny, it was windy on floors yet to have windows installed and on the roof. See below. Paired it with Banana Republic trouser jeans and cowboy boots for the day.  I've also worn this multiple times with various different pants/jeans, just haven't snapped a pic. Will say the fit of the arms is a little snug, though stretches some. You can still find the sweater online:  {click here}.
Only thing in this pic from Target is white T.  If you haven't seen the Mossimo layers Ts and Tanks {click here for T}, they are great staples! $12 regular price and regularly on sale for $9. The fabric is a linen/poly blend so had a little texture to it. I wear these t's and tanks all. the. time. In fact I have 2 of the very same T. #likeitbuyitinmultiples This is pretty much my winter work uniform, cardigan, scarf, pants and pumps. T's and tanks like these are so perfect base to mixing prints like this.  Pants are another long time fav, tagged 09 from the Gap.
I first saw this sweater in a Target Sunday ad, then picked it up in store on the 40% off with the one mentioned above. I really don't have much with pink in my closet, but it also has a stripe of my favorite yellow/green color which is really what drew me to it! #oldhabitsdiehard Have worn it several times as well with jeans, other pants and this day was simple khakis and flats. When I was in Target this week, most of these sweaters were gone, since they are all on sale, but a few various designs were left {click here}.
Hopefully this is a little bargain shopping inspiration to your winter wardrobe.  Fortunately in Texas, I don't need a coat too often if I have on a sweater. However, if you're in a colder place, these are great for layering under your coats!

Also, this is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or heck even known about by Target.  But, if you know someone...I do love Target!  :)  #TargetLove 
Happy Winter to you! As always keep up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Weimary: Thank You!

Yesterday was a "first" first show with my Lettered Art! What a fun day, outside, beautiful winery in the country, my sweet college besties there for support, meeting new people and talking quotes, words and verses that matter to people.  I've been asked a lot recently about my pieces, so here's a few inventory items still available and of course, I take orders for custom work too!

If you're new here from the show, thanks for stopping by! Please connect on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here) to stay in touch!  Also, you can view more art on the lettered art page (click here).

Here's what I currently have available, to purchase, please (click here) to go to the Facebook album for sizes and prices.



A special thank you to all of my friends who called and texted checking in on me and wishing me well!
Feeling very blessed as the sun set on a great day!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I'm Wearing ~ Fall Transition

Hi Blog.
The days keep getting away from me. I'm painting for a Christmas show (lettered art here), working on a few Rodeo Houston committee things, doing some early (earlier than usual) Christmas shopping, travel for work, and oh yes, work every day. In the midst of "Audit Season" for my job, so that means a lot of screen time at work which means I shy away from more computer time in the evening!  

Anyway....the weather's cooling off a bit here, some cooler days, some still warmer days, so here's a few things I've been wearing lately in the transition!  

I picked up this T at the beginning of October during Texas Antiques Week from LHTX, a brand that is designed and made right here in Texas.  This is one of my favorite sayings and it happened to go perfect with this bright yellow never sure what I'm going to wear with it cardigan for a Sunday at church. By now you know camo is a neutral for me, so added on this light weight scarf for little warmth and yes, those are white jeans WELL after Labor Day. #iliveontheedge.
Stripes are also a neutral for me. This dress is a perfect "blank slate" even though it's not solid black. I wear it with scarves when it's cool, leggings when really cold, but this was a mild day. I'm so glad it looks like buffalo check is sticking around for another season, and it's good buddy anything flannel/plaid! Dress is a Target find from a couple of years ago, heels are suede from DSW last winter and scarf is from Nordstrom last year too.  #sameclothesdifferentyear
Speaking of plaid and flannel...this oversize tunic is one step above pj's as far as comfort goes. It's also a Target find (this year) but when I did look for it online they are apparently all sold out. It was I guess part of their "early fall" clothes, which we only dreamed of flannel as temps still hovered in the 90's during "early fall" in Texas.  Flare jeans are also from Target, which you can get in "long" inseam online...38", perfect for 4" heels. Speaking of heels, these leopard ones are also neutral and mix well with any plaid! #highertheheelclosertoGod #HeelsHighStandardsHigh
If you follow sports you know our Astros made it out of the regular season this year, which meant supporting our team for their support of our School District! #anythingforjeans Barbara Bush affirmed my jewelry + jerseys with her pearls on the field while #41 threw out the first pitch, so on Astros day at work, I put on my pearls too. What I miss most about teaching: Jeans Friday + spirit shirt! Maybe the Texans will make it out of the regular season too and we will get another jeans day! Just like that Bengals loss of perfect record on Monday night #RIPjeansFriday.
You know me well enough to know the weekends are as low maintenance as possible and the leggings are in rotation!  These are a Target pair and they have several fun prints out now, which you will find in the clothes section because apparently the store designers have realized yoga pants/leggings aren't just for working out. Everyone can cry "tears of joy" emoji's over that one and use the Oxford word of the year with great enthusiasm since I guess it's too hard to type words anymore. #lazylikeleggingsforclothes
Have a great rest of your week, this is a sweet season of cooler temps, pumpkin pies, friends, family and recognizing all that we have to be thankful for. Though I realize, all of those things magnify the pain for those in difficult seasons right now, and my prayer to you is to find hope in Jesus and peace in uncertainty.