Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspired by....

I love magazines and have to remind myself to read books from time to time because I can get in a habit of just reading magazines.  I currently subscribe to People and Real Simple but in the past have had subscriptions to InStyle, Glamour, Texas Monthly, Economist (lest you think I just read fashion), Shape, Self, Lucky, Elle and W.  On my list for new subscriptions are Country Living and Do It Yourself magazine. One of my favorite things about magazines is the inspiration they provide for clothes, new products to try, home ideas and fitness tips or workouts.  I regularly tear pages out of a magazine to keep or even take a picture of something I like on my phone to save for later. 

Last winter I saw this picture: 
How cute are SJP and her darling little twins?!  Side note as you're learning more about me ... I have twin nieces and they were about their size when I saw this picture.  They are now 4 and 1/2.  Growing girls! 

Back to the inspiration.  How cute are her jeans rolled up and showing off patterned socks with her booties!?  I loved this look and immediately snapped a pic to save for  reference. 

I happened to be in Fort Worth at the time working and had an evening to myself.  I did some window shopping in a cool area of Fort Worth, University Park Village, which had a new Madewell store.  I had only seen Madewell online so I definitely went in to check it out.  They had a table FULL of the cutest "Happy Socks" that of course brought SJP's inspiration to mind.  However, I'm not shopping on SJP's budget and at $12.50 a pair, they were a little high for me to have a couple of pairs to wear.  BUT, I knew what I was looking for and was now on a mission to find bargain Happy Socks! 

And, bargain I did find!!  I was in a Target shortly after and made a point to check out their sock selection.  What do you know, they had their own version of Happy Socks too!  AND for a bargain of 4 pairs for less than $12.50!  I picked up several pairs and knew just the booties I had to wear with them.  Know what?  Every time I put a pair of patterned socks on and roll up my jeans, they make me happy!  What a fun alternative to boyfriend jeans with flip flops and flats in the summer!  Before you think your happy socks need to match your outfit, think again.  They should coordinate, but toss out the matchy-matchy and embrace your inner childlike fashion - whatever makes you happy, that's what you wear! Here's my version of happy socks!  I have worn these countless times again this fall and winter!

So, whatever it is you see that you like, use a little creativity and re-create it your own way.  You don't have to have the exact item to re-create a look!    Most importantly put on your happy and attack your day! 


Saturday, December 28, 2013

What is a Signature?

When I was in High School I had a schedule that allowed some extra time in the day especially in my Ag class and I had a best friend with the same schedule and Ag teacher.  Oftentimes we found ourselves with the need to leave campus, which for some reason required a signed parent note for my friend, but not me.  Not sure how those rules worked out, she was a grade behind me, but we were also in a relatively small town.  So, the 'signature of record' for her Mom was my best interpretation of her Mom's signature.  Before you think I'm a regular at forging signatures, her Mom knew about it and most days when we left we went to her house because it was close to school and her Mom was home and knew exactly where we were and what we were doing.   I'm sure we thought we were cool when we flashed our get out of parking lot pass to "Hard Hat" in his guard shack. 

The memories we have from those run-away days of High School are still some of our greatest laughs when we see each other.  I'm not sure if the school ever checked the signature her Senior year when I was gone and the real signature might have shown up.  Our days of "forging" a signature were innocent fun.  Someone always knew where we were and what we were up to, so we weren't using the signature for our own gain. 

How many times a day do you sign your name?  Is it always your full first and last name, do you abbreviate or even just initial at times.  Do you remember signing the signature card at the bank the first time you opened an account?  Did you think "every time I sign my name it needs to look like this" when you were still in the figure-out-your-best-handwriting stage?  

Just like your handwritten signature is unique to you, so is the individuality of who you were created to be!  No two of us are alike and we are each created for unique and different purposes.  Some relate more to an extravagant calligraphy while others feel comfortable with a simple print.  Each of us finds our rhythm in varying ways to live this life.

I love fashion, I love organizing, I have a heart for women to live their lives confidently and most importantly I love Jesus.  These things combined make up the signature that is uniquely me.  Some days of my life are written in fine calligraphy and some days in print with a pencil that just came out of the sharpener clearly writing specific words like "wait". This is my place to share and encourage your signature. Who you were created to be and how to live confidently within your self. 

None of us look like the cover of a magazine, or the model on the page of an online store, they have been airbrushed. Though we oftentimes find ourselves aspiring to be "that girl" with her hair, makeup, clothes, frame, shoes, accessories and of course no wrinkles to be had.  We clammer to know "where did you get that" and frantically order up one for ourselves in hopes that we mimic that "perfect" look.  

I have finally learned.  What looks good on them, doesn't always look good on me.  I'm tall - 5'9".  Relatively "thin" though I really hate to put that out there.  I eat reasonably well and try to exercise regularly.  No matter how many pairs I try, skinny jeans don't fit my legs.  4+" platform wedges are not my shoes.  Cat eye is too severe of make-up for me. Blunt cut haircut doesn't work for me.  But, I have figured out what does.  My favorite pair of jeans are most likely not going to be yours.  However, when you find the perfect boyfriend jean to wear with the nude shoe that you love and toss on a scarf that is your favorite color, you re-create a look reflecting your signature.  You're not in clothes (or house, or organized closet, or church, or job, or organization) that are meant to fit someone else. 

Stick around, bookmark this page and come back often.  I'm sharing my life here, what I've learned, how I've created my signature and prayerfully encouragement for you!  I love comments, feedback and your questions too!  I recently found this verse in Proverbs and it speaks truth over us: 

Proverbs 14:30 - A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Let's commit to build each other up and learn to love ourselves for who we were created to be. Let's strive for a signature that starts with a heart of peace and not envy those we live life alongside. Truth be told, everyone is fighting a battle and sometimes we have to dress up, smile and fake it until we make it just to get through the day.  Be real, be honest and be YOU!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Thank you for stopping over!  Especially those of you from the Christmas letter. Please bookmark this page, few tweaks to complete and lots of fun is coming your way!

Merry Christmas!

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