Sunday, November 27, 2016

Space: Pumpkins and Blessings

Before it is the end of Thanksgiving weekend and officially into the Christmas holidays, here's a little bit of fall decor I've had up this year.  I started in October with pumpkins and a couple of Halloween themed decorations, that I swapped for Thanksgiving.

(Of course, I meant to post this MUCH earlier, but better late than never!)

In addition to putting out the pumpkins, I re-did the tray on my dining room table. This spot has all of my pens, a few study books and my journaling Bible. Since I've moved and not had the kitchen bar (click here) I used before I have struggled with a "spot" in my house for my morning reading and studying and honestly that is an excuse, but I function best with a designated space. So, I took the decor off the table, pushed the tray to the end and filled it with what I need for that to be my space.  Here's a close up...
And, here's what it looks like in my dining area....
I got this cute "oh HAPPY day" sign for my birthday, and hung it in a little spot under the cabinets in my kitchen. I also got this sea salt caramel candle, which is a perfect fall scent.  The pewter pumpkin stands up perfectly for a little fall in my kitchen, but isn't just a decoration, it doubles as a serving piece.
On my bar I put a couple of pumpkins and Halloween decor too. There's a story behind these pumpkins, I loved them for a long time from a cute boutique, however the both of them were about $50 combined which is outrageous.  BUT, good things come to those who wait and wait I did...until they were WAY marked off and I think I got both for under $10! In fact, I picked up those two little Halloween signs too because they were also on the sale.  #bargainshopperalways
And, here's the same space switched for Thanksgiving with "give thanks" sign and a little pumpkin pie sign. My all time favorite pie!

That's it for fall around here; the pumpkins are put away and Christmas decorations are out! I love the evenings with the glow of the Christmas tree! I even put one on my patio this year!  Coming soon! 

Beyond the pumpkins and fall fun, I am thankful for this little slice of the City I call home, a place I love; family I treasure; friends who are a gift and the blessings of my job and organizations I volunteer with.  This year hasn't been without a few major bumps in the road, but Jesus has been near in each one and for that I am most thankful.  

Blessings to you! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I'm Wearing ~ A few days of cooler weather


It's been a while for a What I'm Wearing post, so here's an update lately and as I'm looking through these few pics, definitey have added in the "hot" fall color of maroon, or wine, or whatever your fancy is to call this year's "it color". This is really by happenstance, not intention, though maroon is a good color for me to wear, so since it's readily available this year, I'm snatched up a few things!

I posted this top on Instagram...sometimes you don't make the bed, so the pillows block the full length, but this is a fun new Target score, perfect with jeans or work pants. It comes in 2 colors and since Target website is crazy to find things, I did locate this one: click here to see it for yourself. As a word of caution, it's junior sizing, and I'm wearing a large. I realized I have 1 long sleeve top for work that is not a button-up, so was looking for a few things that I could add to my work wear and am happy with this addition. 
This is a tried and true dress and vest, perfect for an outdoor dinner party on the eve of the super moon! Just enough chill in the air for light flannel and faux-fur! Both pieces are a couple of years old, but classics that still work. 
This is an old navy dress, you might have seen it last year. I waited a whole year for it to come back because was sold out in my size, which is a Tall. Hooray for the repeats of Old Navy! I have already worn this dress about 3 or 4 times. Also, Auggie doesn't care much about this pics, but prefers me to just play fetch. The maroon bag is a few years old as well, but good fall color addition for black and white. 
And, here's proof this has been worn multiple times. Same boots and everything, just added tights for a cooler day. Worth every bit of $18 I paid for it.  Tip: never pay full price at Old Navy, Gap or Banana, it will always go go on sale. Click here for link to this dress. 
Last week was a dreary day, and I realized I matched the sky with various shades of gray and a little tiny bit of blush pink. Monochromatic is one of my long time favs of fashion, and mixing grays in winter is definitely a favorite. Scarf is an old one from Nordstrom (used to come in tons of colors and a buy 2, get a deal special), pants are years and years old Gap (like 2009 old), t is blush boyfriend T from old navy over summer. They have those same T's now in long sleeves. 
Here is another Old Navy dress (click here) that looks like limited sizes are left in. Trick for ordering, a lot of their dresses run on the short side, so a Tall might give you the length you like. I'm 5'9" and you can see this is still a few inches above my knee.  Ever since I saw this dress with the tights I was awaiting a day cool enough to wear tights. :) Auggie would still like to play fetch vs. await a photo. 
These maroon leggings were a great find at Francesca's on a Buy one Get one 1/2 Off Sale and on clearance rack! So, for $30, I got 2 pairs - this one and faux leather! #bargainlover  I picked up this tunic last year from a boutique and of course leopard is a neural, so added leopard heels to mix it up a little bit.
I didn't get my full self, but this pic was heading out the door for a conference with my Mama. Hooray for flare jeans (that I've worn constantly even when not "in style"). This is another long sleeve top I picked up on a whim in Old Navy and have also worn for work with gray slacks. 
These two booties have been on heavy rotation, black ones are pictured with the black and white dress above. Both are Merona from Target and both are, seriously, all day comfortable. Click here for black booties and click here for cognac. 
Allegedly we are going to have a real cold front this weekend, so I'm eagerly awaiting more sweater weather. I've only worn a scarf + cardigan one time (pictured above) and that is NOT like me in the fall! It's just been too warm! 

Have a great rest of your week! As always, keep up on Facebook and Instagram

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Musings ~ Election Eve

...a few thoughts, a little scattered...

It is no doubt American adults will go to bed tonight with great anticipation of what tomorrow's "Super Tuesday" will hold. The rest of the world also taking an anxious seat awaiting election results. I don't know that there has been a nastier campaign in history, but I do know that tomorrow history will be made. 

A new President will be elected. 
The 45th President of the United States. 

Barring any political opinion, we've seen and heard enough of those, I wanted to write down a few thoughts to have to look back on for my own sake about this election. 

Yesterday in church, we had a guest teacher who spoke very wise words that have stuck with me throughout the day and today.  They apply not only to this election, but to so many divisive issues. He said this... 

If we can't overcome differences with others, 
then the affiliation (the difference) we proclaim is greater than our affiliation with Christ. 

Because the vote 
(on this election and every other divisive opinion we have) 
is NOT the vehicle for restoration and reformation. 

Jesus is. 

Despite how seemingly corrupt the opposing candidate is to your choice, at the end of the day, every person on this earth (you and me included) is a sinner. None of us worthy of the first ounce of grace. 

But, Jesus. 

A redeemer for every one of us. 
The only hope we have in restoration. 
The only hope we have in reformation. 

So come what may tomorrow. 
Cast your vote. 
Love the people around you. 
Say your prayers. 
Let your dearest affiliation speak the loudest. 
Which may require no words at all. 

Sometimes you can't see the beginning. 
Sometimes you can't see the end.
But what you can see, the promise, will always remain. 

No filter because truth needs no filter. 
And, sometimes life has clouds, gray skies, rainbows and blue skies.
He who promised IS faithful. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ a little of this & that

Happy Friday!!

It's been a while for Friday Favorites and here's a few favorites I've collected lately...

I attended the Abundance Women's event in Dallas with my Mom. We got VIP seats which included a meet and greet with Lisa Harper who is one of my favorite speakers and teachers. I really wanted a pic with her, but there wasn't really an opportunity. My Mom said to just go stand close and she would snap a picture, so I did, but she is so gracious and turned around for this fun pic. More about Lisa is posted here.
October was quite the month of writing, all about being S I N G L E and if you've not read the posts or care to, you can {click here} for a summary of the month and click on any date for a link to the day's posts.  This was an exhausting month of writing, but one that was also so good.  I saw this mug pic in the midst of writing and it gave me a good laugh.  Maybe you don't have a spouse or significant other who would appreciate this, but a great bestie date is sometimes catching up in the aisles of Target too! If you know a man who meets my requirements and loves Target, I'm all the heart eyes right here!! :)
Speaking of besties, one of my besties and I threw a little birthday lunch for another bestie who has an October birthday and loves Halloween! It was at one of my favorites, Torchy Tacos, and we had a super fun festive table. Favorite moment of the day was an older lady leaving with her husband who stopped at our table to ask what we were celebrating, which we told her. She had recently celebrated her 75 birthday there - how fun is that!?  
This week started with a bang, a migraine or stomach bug or both, and had me pretty much like this all day long Tuesday after all night long up and down yaking.  Ugh.  More importantly, I got a bee in my bonnet this year that I wanted holiday/winter/Christmas bedding, and here's a sneak peek of the new bedding I found at Marshall's!  Hooray!! It is so cute! I need one pillow, but ties in with my current decor and sheets and Auggie loves it too! Full reveal coming soon!
Speaking of Auggie he was featured last week on a super fun Instagram account we follow, DoodleTales. If you're over all the "heavy" in your newsfeeds, follow them for some happy!  You can follow Auggie's adventures by {clicking here}.

Somewhere over the rainbow and through the woods some cooler weather is going to HAVE to show up. Meanwhile, these things were hanging on my closet door together and I realized, hey - that will make a cute outfit, when I can ever wear a little vest! Right now, it's still shorts weather in Texas! But, I'm keeping the faith!  Flare jeans, vest, leather bag...fall trifecta!
I've started using Plexus products recently (Vitamins and supplements for good gut health - am learning so much about how much is tied to your gut!! Like, it's your body's second brain!?) But, I also got this body cream and have started using it on my face.  Few ingredients:  charcoal (helps get toxins out of pores), aloe (protective, replenish moisture), vitamin E (antioxidant, reduce lines and wrinkles), evening primrose oil and lavender  (healing skin issues and great smell). I'm picky about night creams, I like them to have a pump and also don't like overly greasy formulas, so I'm loving my Plexus as a night cream!  #nofilter
Have a great weekend and click over to ErikaNarci and Andrea for more Friday Favs!  As always stay connected with me via Facebook and Instagram