Friday, July 25, 2014

Style: Summer

It's no secret that I love my summer uniform, but there have been lots of occasions this summer that called for something other than my uniform.  Happy hours, fund raisers, weddings, speaking events, nights out, etc.. 

Here's a few updates from this summer....sometimes seeing an outfit inspires pulling something together from your own closet.  I love fashion blogs that showcase different styles, and often use them for my own inspiration; but have to remember:  you can't always look exactly like that person, wearing exactly the same thing.  We are all created uniquely so, embrace your own style and just take hints from others!  

Happy to answer any "where's that from" questions, just leave a comment on the blog or FB!  :) 

Leopard + stripes and a little pop of coral. 
If you are in the Houston area, we've had lots of rain,
so I traded wedges for some booties on this rainy night. 

Lace + cutoffs + cowboy boots. 
Shown as I wore it or another option with some peek-a-boo lace boot socks too! 
Either way would work, with shorts and/or with skirts! 
I also wore similar version of this outfit with wedges for a birthday party.
(Yes, I'm like an old lady and always have a cardigan if I
know I'm going somewhere that might be blasting the AC on high all night!)

White + gray + gold.
I love mixing silver and gold jewelry, so makes sense to mix gray in as well. 
All white is one of my favorites for summer too,
really year round, just have to be careful of fabrics. 
Mixing up accessories changes the look each time.

Skirts are in rotation this summer too...
Denim + print + boots for a Rodeo function. 
Stripes + camo for another occasion. 
Camo is a neutral to me, as well as leopard. :)

Speaking of leopard...this was perfect all day outfit! 
Tank, maxi skirt, flip flops and little touch of leopard. 
Went straight from church, to brunch, and out of town for evening!

And, jeans as well.  Even in the summer!
These were days I knew I would be inside and needed layers,
and/or knew the AC would blow me away. 
Easy, casual, mixed prints. 
Note: same white jeans as above & another old lady cardigan.  

Hope these help you with some inspiration from your own closet!  Show off your summer style!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space: Words

If these walls could talk...

I'm a lover of words; sayings, quotes and verses.  Words that make you think, inspire and remind you.  There have been so many times I refer back to a quote, phrase or Bible verse can say just what I'm thinking and serves as a reminder to me. 

My house is filled with words.  In fact, there's only a handful of things in my house/hanging on my walls that don't include words.  Here's a look around...

The living room...the oar on the wall was found during Hurricane Ike clean-up in Galveston in 2008.  The signs on this wall are portions of verses, lyrics and other quotes. 

Yesterday is history - Tomorrow is your future - Today is your life - Live it

The bath...
-- humor-no clothes allowed in the shower
-- a verse over my mirror to remember to think on the things that are noble, right, pure and lovely
-- and God loves you when you dance!

The kitchen walls ...
The sign I see most often in my house is
"Because when you stop & look around this life is pretty amazing."
It is.  And, I often need to be reminded of that despite the difficult times, it is still amazing. 
Another favorite in the kitchen is a John Wayne quote:
"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway"
This reminds me of my Dad, and learning as a young girl when I got thrown, literally,
off my horse and had to get back up and ride even when I was scared. 

Perhaps my favorite wall in my house - the dining room. 
Most of these are Primitives by Kathy signs, but the middle one is a handmade sign from a friend. 

Click to enlarge any of the pictures and read the signs...words should inspire you and challenge you.  They do daily in my house!   Several of these signs are gifts and/or picked out from my travels, so beyond the saying they have additional meaning to me. 

And, finally, the last one I see before I go to sleep and the first one when I wake up... 

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A friend loves at all times....

Through tear stained eyes in front of the casket one of my besties turned to me and said:

"How did we get here?"

We were the end of the line, watching another bestie greet family and friends who've gathered to celebrate the life of her Dad. 

Weren't we just in college, comparing notes - not the content, but our similar styles for neatness and organization.  Weren't we just picking up our professor to go out with us for an evening at the favorite bar or an Ag party?  Weren't they just being dropped off at each other's houses for slumber parties? 

How did we get here?  Watching friends bury parents? 

That's what friends are for. 

Friends like this, nearly 20 years we've stuck by each other.  We've gone through life's greatest highs, lowest lows and celebrated or shared tears along the way.  

And, here we are ... grown. 

All of us have Dad's that have had pretty significant health issues.  It could be any of us. 

We cheered our friend, she was so brave to stand and eulogize her Dad, sharing sweet stories and memories.  The kind of strength that comes from deep within.  From knowing she was prayed for and loved so well to be able to stand before that service. 
Her Mom and sister sat at her sides through the 21-gun salute, Taps and a flag presentation that makes anyone with an ounce of patriotism tear up, much less knowing the one who had served their country and what that flag represents. 

Recently I was asked how often I saw one of my college friends.  I said just a couple of times a year, but we speak almost daily.  Before or after school and a group text message is constantly running between us.  From stories of babies, teenagers, first dances, family vacations, fishing, parties, church picnics, dates (as the lone single girl), fashion, haircuts and prayers.  We make an effort and keep in touch with the little and big of each other's lives.  We just wish we were closer, but that could be dangerous ...

When you lose best friends at a young age, you realize....these friends, friends for a lifetime don't come easy.  It takes effort.  These girls, and so many others, it's worth every bit of effort, those are friends that truly are a gift in life. 

From Candace Bure's Balancing It All
They are also the people who take you just as you are....the night after the funeral, this was real life for me...headache, glasses on, makeup off, hair in a bun, cried today, weary but full your people, live your life now, you may have later and you may not.

Despite the hard times when we can smile and laugh through tears, there are so many good memories, proud to call them my friends and to stand alongside them in trials and triumphs of life! 

A friend loves at all times,